At Whisspurr, we present you with the diaphragm – an essential part of your compressor, which helps compress fluids and air in your sewage treatment plant. It’s a movable component that rotates inside the diaphragm compressor to carry out its function. 

This helps the compressor to provide oil-free compression, saving you any additional cost on fuel. On top of that, the diaphragm helps the compressor to operate without creating any vibrations or knocks. 

It is a crucial part of your compressor and won’t function without it. Therefore, it’s important to replace the compressor diaphragms if you face any fault in this particular component of your machine.

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Key Features

The diaphragm is a crucial part of compressors and air pumps that rotates to compress the fluids inside. As a result, you want to get a diaphragm compatible with your compressor or air pump, otherwise, it won’t function well.

At Whisspurr, you can find diaphragms for compressors and air pumps designed by trusted manufacturers like Secoh. You can get replacement kits that consist of two diaphragms and an instruction manual. 

Some of the best features of our diaphragm products are:

  • Durable and can function for a long time
  • Made explicitly for compressor models to ensure proper functioning
  • The instruction manual allows you to fit the product yourself
  • Comes with alignment tools to help you with reassembly
  • Features a plastic-surrounding frame

It should be noted that if you choose to have twin pumps, you will need to purchase two sets of diaphragms because these machines have twice the internal parts.

Why You Need Diaphragms

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The diaphragms are essentially used to pump fluids in and out of your compressor while keeping them away from other parts of the machine. Additionally, the air pump diaphragm can increase and decrease the pressure of your blower, forcing fluids to leave the compressor without causing any issues.

However, it’s recommended to pick a lightweight and robust diaphragm to get the most out of your compressors and air pumps.

At Whisspurr, you will get the best diaphragms for your compressor. All you need to do is check if the diaphragms are compatible with the compressor model you own.

Why Choose Whisspurr?

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At Whisspurr, we strive to improve the efficiency of your sewage treatment plant by offering high-quality products. We believe that it’s important to keep your sewers clean and to help you with that, we offer the most efficient and durable machines to ensure proper sewage treatment.

Additionally, we make sure that our clients not only get the best products for their sewage treatment plant needs but also don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements. 

As sewage treatment plants tend to keep running regularly, you need to make sure that the treatment process is efficient and hassle-free. 

By getting the right products at Whisspurr, you will notice an increase in efficiency while also maintaining the life and quality of your machines. With years of experience, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

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