Koi Pond Noise Reduction

Are you having trouble with your noisy koi pond? 

Is the oxygen pump noise getting to you during the day? 

Are you looking for solutions to solve your koi pond air pump noise problems? 

Well, we’ve got an incredible answer to all your problems, the brand new invention by Marsh Industries, Whisspurr.

Whisspurr is an Acoustic Vibration Reduction(AVR) Unit specially designed to reduce Koi Pond air pump noise so that you can relax in your home without a care.

Created by the sharpest minds of Marsh Industries, the Whisspurr is the only product of its kind and is now available. 

Therefore, if you’re trying to silence your noisy koi pond, then the Whisspurr is exactly what you need. 

However, before we tell you more about the AVR Unit, let us tell you a little about Koi Pond filters and oxygen pump noise.

Koi Pond Noise Reduction

What’s Causing the Koi Pond Air Pump Noise?

Koi Fish are widely known for their sensitive nature and the fact that they are severely affected by small changes in their surroundings.

Just like all other fish, koi fish eat and excrete, all of which is emitted into the pond. Since ponds don’t have an outlet, this can lead to poor water conditions.

Therefore, in order to keep them away from harm and to ensure their good health, it is essential to clean the pond on a regular basis.

Find Out MoreThis can be done by a simple koi pond filtration system which will help keep the water clean and the koi fish healthy at all times. However, most filtration systems use air compressors or air pumps for the aeration process.

While the aeration process is extremely vital to keeping the koi pond clean, the functions of the process lead to a very noisy koi pond.

This may not only annoy you and your neighbours but can also be stressful for the koi fish.

Hence, it is essential to find a way to continue the filtration process while also reducing the koi pond air pump noise. Well, that’s exactly what Whisspurr can do for you. 

Now that you know about how koi pond filter noise is generated, let us tell you how Whisspurr works to silence your noisy koi pond.

How does Whisspurr Work?

By simply attaching the Whisspur to the air pump, you can rest assured that the loud noise and vibrations levels produced by the air pump are reduced by over 95%.

Moreover, while the Whisspurr marvellously silences a noisy koi pond, it also causes no reduction in the compressor’s air pressure. 

Available in various sizes, the AVR unit requires no electrics and helps you deal with the frustrating koi pond air pump noise.

Choose Whisspurr For Koi Pond and Sewage Treatment Plant Noise Reduction

Now that you know all about how the world’s first and only AVR unit can help you solve your noisy koi pond problems, it’s time to order one for yourself.

With years of experience in serving our customers with the best solutions to their problems, we aim for customer satisfaction.

Not only does the Whisspurr help with noisy koi ponds, but also significantly reduces sewage treatment plant noise. 

To learn more about our products and services, visit our homepage and to order a Whisspurr now, click here.

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